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A combination of 50 years of practical and theoretical experience has made Unifog Denmark ApS one of the leading, European companies in their field.

At present, Unifog Denmark ApS has more than 5000 humidity systems installed throughout Europe, and the quality of each system reflects the knowledge and experience of the company. Unifog Denmark ApS were founded by the present owners Ejvind and Poul in 1993, with the main goal of ensuring the best possible environment in the production areas; office buildings, public facilities and other places where the indoor climate plays a vital role.


In 1993 Poul Smith and Ejvind Fromberg Hansen started the company Unifog-Denmark. 23 years of combined experience with mounting and export sales provided the necessary foundation to build a viable company on.

The number of export markets has grown considerably over the years. Starting out with Finland and Germany, Unifog now exports to more than 15 countries, primarily in Europe. Unifog humidification systems can be found in as diverse places as: the wood industry, the dairy industry, printing houses, museums, music halls and in laboratories where comfort humidification is needed.

Unifog’s first products were based on the best technology of the time: atomization through compressed air nozzles, and from the very beginning Unifog developed systems which produced very fine atomization and were fitted with proportional regulators, which today form the basis of humidification in channels.

In 1998-1999 new systems arrived on the market. These were based on a high pressure principle and they have become more and more popular, currently making up 85% of sales/turnover.

All of Unifog’s products are developed continuously to make sure they live up to the current market standards and to ensure (production technically -produktionstekniske?) competitive prices.

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