The ability of air to contain water depends on the temperature of the air. Cold air can contain less water than hot air. That is the reason indoor air becomes dry in the winter. Air with a temperature of 0˚ and a humidity of 50% RH will reach a humidity of 13 % RH, when it is heated to 20˚

Unifog Denmark ApS is a company of experience and innovation. A combination of 50 years of practical and theoretical experience has made Unifog Denmark ApS one of the leading, European companies in their field. At present, Unifog Denmark ApS has more than 5000 humidity systems installed throughoutEurope, and the quality of each system reflects the knowledge and experience of the company.Unifog Denmark ApS were founded by the present owners Ejvind and Poul in 1993, with the main goal of ensuring the best possible environment in the production areas; office buildings, public facilities and other places where the indoor climate plays a vital role.

Correct Humidification Makes a difference.

The knowledge and entrepreneurship shown by Unifog Denmark though not noticeable to the naked eye, has shown major companies throughout Europe that a healthy indoor climate can help improve production considerably.A poor indoor climate can cause symptoms like dry mucous membranes, involuntary nose-bleeds and static electricity. With the knowledge and solutions presented by Unifog Denmark ApS, these types of symptoms can be removed and a healthy environment established.

All Unifog Humidification system is assembled of high quality components. All components is tested before shipment.

All systems will be matched each customer